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Hi. I'm Steve.

I have been making music in London since 2004. I spent much of that decade playing session guitar with the likes of minor teen something-throbs Ghosts (Atlantic Records) and The Early Years (Beggars), while co-founding The Flowers of Hell with my friend Greg Jarvis.

I began producing music before that, moving more slowly than you'd hope from optimistically adjusting a Tascam Porta07, to a more comfortable studio-based life today.

Tracking for most of the projects I work on happens at a small studio full of boutique, analogue wonder called BerrySound in Walthamstow. I have relationships with larger Central London studios should budgets be more generous.

I can introduce brilliant musicians to projects as required, and according to Daniel am a "world class tour manager".

I hope you enjoy the artists on this site. Get in touch if you'd like to join them.



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